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Simplicity vs Complexity, an evolutionary Story

I want to thank Volter Joksch for his reply to my rather tongue in cheek, off the cuff reply to his comment about the difficulty of finding simplicity and in fact Volter’s reply enables me to put another perspective on … Continue reading

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Working our hips and our calf muscles

Lying on your back, bend your knee, with your foot on the floor. Place the other leg, with the calf muscle placed over the knee. Gently move the calf muscle (back of leg)  in contact with the knee and press … Continue reading

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Shiatsu -thumbs up for a better quality of life

Shiatsu our path to wellness – naturally   Contents Shiatsu as an expression of giving Humble Beginnings Shiatsu or a Miracle, you decide? Natural Healing therapies vs Allopathic Medicine We deserve better Now we’re going somewhere Learning from our histories … Continue reading

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