Shu-shum-na keeping you ahead all the time

Shu-shum-na is a wellness centre based in the small town ofAurignac(31420) about 80km south west ofToulouse. Aurignac is famous for its prehistoric site and is a small medieval town overlooking thePyrenees. Shu-shum-na was established here because of the cleansing energies fromthe earth,which naturally aid good health. Frances Hassett, who created the centre, is a qualified Shiatsu practitioner, Indian Head Masseur and Reiki Master, as well as a teacher of Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, she has been practising since 1999, first in theUKand now inFranceand offer treatments in both English and French.

At Shu-shum-na you can receive a relaxing massage to relieve stress and tension and take part in Yoga Qi Gong and Tai Chi lessons. Classes normally run from September each year for 10 months with a break during July and August; however individual therapies continue all year round.

You can contact Frances on 06 21 93 15 55 or visit her at She will be happy to talk to you about your individal needs and of course how much therapies and classes cost. She is of course open to tourists and residents at Hotel Stlaurans get a 20% discount.

Frances looks forward to seeing you soon.



About Yoga - Sunyata

I have been very fortunate to have trained with some of the best teachers in their fields. In the UK I learnt Yoga under Cheryl Sayers in Cambridge and later with Sivananda in France. Cheryl was an authentic experienced Hatha Yoga teacher who hadbeen taught by her father in India from the age of 7, she became my spiritual teacher. I learnt Reiki and Indian Head Massage with Chris Cuzons, renowned Natural Therapy Teacher in East Anglia. I studied psychotherapy with the Central School for Counselling Training and I practiced for a while in the Chatteris Doctor’s Surgery in Cambridgeshire and here I championed the introduction of holistic therapies in the local Primary Health Care Trust with the aid of Help the Aged. Latterly I was a connsellor in France in my clinic there and provideing a telephone service as well. I am again studying Mindfulness based Psychotherapy with Karuna Institute Devon at post Masters level. I was lucky to go France and learn Traditional Yang style Tai Chi with Anya Meot, Philippe Pastor and Master Tung in Toulouse and Paris. I learnt and practiced Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine with Daniel Menini in Toulouse and I opened my own practice in France in the small canton town of Aurignac in the Haute Garonne. I went to Japan to continue my studies in Chinese Medicine with Masanori Okamoto in the Tokyo Therapeutic School. Latterly in Ireland, I have undertaken continued professional development with Eddie Dowd in the College of Oriental Medicine. As a teacher of meditation I studied with the Western Buddhist Order in Cambridge, Shambhala in Toulouse France and Tibetan Buddhist mindfulness in London and Ireland. I studied Mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College. My studies do not stop here.
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