Unbridled Joy

Unbridled Joy

A flexible body means you are prepared for anything, Shushumna does it all.

Frances Hassett proprietor of Shushumna offers a ‘one stop shop’  for taking responsibility for our health and our lives. Her past lives as a teacher working at the ‘chalk face’,  an Environmental Manager,  a business woman working in the restaurant and entertainment business and a Chief Executive running a business in the not for profit sector, means she can empathise and understand the challenges and needs of professionals in all walks of life from children to adults. Indeed she has experienced challenges and setbacks in her life so can offer a wealth of worldly experience to those seeking a lasting respite from the trials and tribulations of life. Indeed Frances would say, “it doesn’t have to be like this, there is an easy way out that can give us lasting peace and happiness”. Not untouched by stress and depression herself, Frances is a casualty of the philosophy ‘work at any price’ and indeed it is our health that suffers as well as our families and long term relationships. “When I was younger I was competitive and ambitious and worked all hours, believing that to get to the top, I needed to beat my counterparts, oh how wrong I was and I now know a much easier route than the one I took all those years ago and one that will lead to lasting success”. Frances calls her technique Consciousness in Action.

Frances’s advice is simple “find peace within and the world will walk with you, you become their example of how they want to be, their natural leader who can solve problems with ease, a friend and an ally, a team player, a jugler and always a port for when you are caught in a storm”.

Frances can tell you how to achieve this and how to develop the life skills to take you where you want to go, away from the adversarial model driven by fear and towards success based on the model of gratitude and harmonisation.

Shushumna is based in the SW of France, south of Toulouse and just north of the Pyrenees ( a stunning natural environment) and Frances runs  in-house and ex-house classes and workshops. Frances advocates that when you are undergoing change  it is best to be in a totally different environment, one where you can find peace and wholly embrace the new concept of being and for this Frances can offer a complete package.

So if you want to find out more contact Shushumna for more details.


About Yoga - Sunyata

I have been very fortunate to have trained with some of the best teachers in their fields. In the UK I learnt Yoga under Cheryl Sayers in Cambridge and later with Sivananda in France. Cheryl was an authentic experienced Hatha Yoga teacher who hadbeen taught by her father in India from the age of 7, she became my spiritual teacher. I learnt Reiki and Indian Head Massage with Chris Cuzons, renowned Natural Therapy Teacher in East Anglia. I studied psychotherapy with the Central School for Counselling Training and I practiced for a while in the Chatteris Doctor’s Surgery in Cambridgeshire and here I championed the introduction of holistic therapies in the local Primary Health Care Trust with the aid of Help the Aged. Latterly I was a connsellor in France in my clinic there and provideing a telephone service as well. I am again studying Mindfulness based Psychotherapy with Karuna Institute Devon at post Masters level. I was lucky to go France and learn Traditional Yang style Tai Chi with Anya Meot, Philippe Pastor and Master Tung in Toulouse and Paris. I learnt and practiced Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine with Daniel Menini in Toulouse and I opened my own practice in France in the small canton town of Aurignac in the Haute Garonne. I went to Japan to continue my studies in Chinese Medicine with Masanori Okamoto in the Tokyo Therapeutic School. Latterly in Ireland, I have undertaken continued professional development with Eddie Dowd in the College of Oriental Medicine. As a teacher of meditation I studied with the Western Buddhist Order in Cambridge, Shambhala in Toulouse France and Tibetan Buddhist mindfulness in London and Ireland. I studied Mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College. My studies do not stop here.
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