I am Frances Hassett and I welcome you to my world of Yoga.

Yoga or union with God/devine power is the ancient tradition of India, it represents the story of India through the Upanishads. The book which personifies the nature and being of Yoga is the Bhagavad Gita, the journey of Arjuna. Yoga is a complete philosophy found through Vedanta based on the Vedas, the scriptures of India;

In the West Yoga is translated as exercise, postures to streatch open and heal the body. Exercise is one very small part of Yoga. In the West we have mistranslated the true and deep meaning of Yoga.

Everyday you will findĀ  new Yoga schools emerging making new health giving prophecies. We do not need to go on inventing new but to re-connect with what already is and whole.

My Blog will take you through the rich history and traditions of Yoga providing you with a complete philosophy and toolkit for life.

My aim is to present what already is, the tools for peace and being and in so doing to explain this beautiful art called Yoga, and Yoga from the heart.



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